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Topic: “Do digital technologies help to make long distance relationship work?”

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I would like to talk about the long distance relationship and how the digital technologies help couples to maintain their relationship in the case of two people are depart into 2 countries for long term.

Long distance relationship is commonly happen in the society. I believe that there are lots of long distance relationship young couples created every year. Some of couples begin their relationship during secondary school however either one is going to study aboard after finish the public exam in Hong Kong. Also, some couples develop long distance relationship due to working in another place which couples cannot meet with each other face to face at least once a week for long term.

People used to use “Skype”, “Facetime” those online tools provided face-to-face services for communication. And to know each other life hood via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter those social platform. In fact, due to the population and the advancement of online tools and technologies, different means for everyone to approach people are provided. People should more easy to keep in touch with people in distance and to work out their relationship. However, i think the survival rate of long distance relationship is low…… Let see some statistic!

This is parts of the research, statistics and figures in courtesy of Dr. Guldner at The Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships, a division of JF Milne Publications:

  • 4.5 months – the average time before a long distance relationship breaks down
  • 40 % of all long distance relationships ends with a break-up
  • 70 % of all failed long distance relationships fails due to unplanned changes

Watch video @ Youtube “Long Distance Relationship Statistics“.


I am not very surprise of the rate. I think digital technologies are helpful to long distance relationship. However it is not all about how couples make good use of the digital technologies and tools to make things better.

I think digital technologies are helpful to long distance relationship as it really provided a chance to meet with other face to face. it is very important to every relationship. Strong affection is created when you see each other. This is something cannot replace by any words of affirmation, text or phone call. It is very helpful to keep the relationship work.

I really depend how do make good use of the tools. Although there are lots of survey, statistics support the fail of long distance relationship. We can still find some successful case.

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